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Inverted Heliski
Gotta love the French. Masters of bureaucratic directives. Or circumventing them. Take heliski, for instance. Heliski is illegal in France. But here we are, spending a day with skis and helicopters. For only 60€, to boot. It turns out that it is illegal to use a helicopter to take us to a mountain. But there is nothing that prevents using one take us from a mountain.
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February 2013, Alpe d'Huez, France
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts, Heli, Car); Sauna (Normal); Flying

Midnight Sun at Riksgransen
Many of my friends are regulars at Riksgränsen. But I had never been to this place that calls itself "Sweden's most legendary ski area". The legends are true. It is an amazing place. For starters, we were there in midsummer, skiing at midnight. In bright sunshine! The ski area is far above the arctic circle, and for about two months in the summer the sun does not set.
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June 2012, Riksgränsen, Sweden
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Afterski; Sauna (Normal); Urban-Exploration (Buildings)

Grani Summer Ski
I am at the summer ski center in Kauniainen. It is +15 degrees Celcius in hot sunshine and a gentle, warm wind. It is a perfect day to go skiing, in my swimsuit. Today is First of May, a national holiday in Finland. Most people party hard or gather in crowds in the city center to do silly things. I've chosen to do my silly things here on my local ski hill.
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May 2012, Kauniainen ski hill, Kauniainen, Finland
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Sauna (Normal)

Hero or Bonehead?
While the opinions were split among the spectators that came to talk to me afterwards ("are you the guy who skied that?"), I think the answer is definitely "bonehead". This was just too dangerous. I need to go back to skiing safer slopes.
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April 2012, Kitzsteinhorn, Kaprun, Austria
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Climbing (Mountain); Sauna (Normal)

Desperately Seeking After-Ski
I was depressed, alone and ready to hit the bed, walking towards my hotel when I saw the Ambiente Cafe.
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February 2012, Les Arcs, France
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Sauna (Normal)

Family and Off-Piste Skiing in Are
As far as I can tell, Are is the best family ski resort on the planet.
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March 2011, Are, Sweden
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Sauna (Normal, Steam); Swimming (Indoor, Water, Waterbody-Pool)

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