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Camping Sauna
At the Lummelunda campsite, someone had constructed a sauna out of tarp. Rocks would be heated in a nearby fire pit, and then brought inside for the heating of the sauna.
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June 2018, Lummelunda campsite, Lummelunda, Gotland, Sweden
Sauna (Normal)

While at the caver's camp, I felt like I needed a shower... and a sauna. Solbergabadet in Visby to the rescue!
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June 2018, Solbergabadet, Visby, Gotland, Sweden
Sauna (Normal); Swimming (Indoor, Water, Waterbody-Pool)

What's This?
Mystery metal hut. I was looking for an entrance to a tunnel I saw in Rotebro, but was in the end unable to find a way in. I did, however, find an odd, round metal hut at the top of the cliffs.
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May 2018, Metal hut, Rotebro, Sweden
Urban-Exploration (Buildings); Sauna (Normal)

45 minutes before I need to be at the airport. But I'm sweaty. Is there a sauna that I could visit? Yes there is. Santa's sauna.
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May 2018, Santasport, Rovaniemi, Finland
Sauna (Normal); Swimming (Indoor, Water, Waterbody-Pool)

Another visit to Kuusijärvi
1/ It is -15C 2/ I had a nice smoke sauna & dip to lake 3/ But my car... dead. Now waiting for the tow truck.
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February 2018, Kuusijärvi, Vantaa, Finland
Sauna (Smoke); Swimming (Outdoor, Ice, Water, Waterbody-Lake, Beach)

Swim in the East Itäkeskuksen Uimahalli
I visited the Itäkeskus swimming hall after many years of not being there. It is one of my favourite community swimming pools.
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February 2018, Itäkeskuksen uimahalli, Helsinki, Finland
Sauna (Normal); Swimming (Indoor, Water, Underground, Waterbody-Pool)

February Swim
I went for a swim in the Allas Sea Pool today, again. Except that now it is February, and it is -5 C outside.
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February 2018, Allas, Helsinki, Finland
Swimming (Outdoor, Ice, Beach, Water, Waterbody-Pool); Sauna (Normal)

Sauna at the Grand Hotel Beau Rivage
Janne and I visited Interlaken, and stayed at the Grand Hotel Beau Rivage. A grand, old style hotel, and I of course also wanted to visit their pool & saunas department.
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January 2018, Grand Hotel Beau Rivage, Interlaken, Switzerland
Sauna (Normal); Swimming (Indoor, Outdoor, Water, Waterbody-Pool)

Upper House Spa. Wow.
It was worth waking up at 6:45am for this. If I wanted to visit the Upper House Spa at the 20th floor of this Göteborg skyscraper, I had go early before my meetings.
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January 2018, Upper House, Göteborg, Sweden
Swimming (Indoor, Outdoor, Water, Waterbody-Pool); Sauna (Normal)

Kazakhstan Sauna!
It turned out that our hotel, the Uyut in Almaty had a sauna, and a small jacuzzi. The sauna was almost too hot, and there was no way to throw water on it.
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January 2018, Hotel Uyut, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Sauna (Normal); Swimming (Indoor, Water, Waterbody-Pool)

Järva Sauna
I thought I was being smart, staying at a cheap hotel, at a Stockholm suburb I've never been to before, Järva. But there were surprises...
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January 2018, Ibis Järva, Järva, Stockholm, Sweden
Sauna (Normal)

Kuusijärvi Smoke Sauna
Kuusijärvi smoke sauna and beach. Great public sauna, maybe best around Helsinki (?)
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January 2018, Kuusijärvi, Vantaa, Finland
Sauna (Smoke); Swimming (Ice, Water, Waterbody-Lake, Outdoor)

December Swim
I went for a sauna and swim in the Allas Seapool today. Late arrival, after 8pm... and they were already closing at 9pm.
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December 2017, Allas, Helsinki, Finland
Swimming (Outdoor, Water, Waterbody-Pool); Sauna (Normal)

Swissotel Singapore Sauna... Closed WTF?
I arrived... and needed a sauna. Or at least an excuse to completing that document. Actually, I really needed a sauna to wash off travel and to warm me up from the freezing aircon climate.
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November 2017, Fairmont Hotel, Singapore, Singapore
Sauna (Normal); Swimming (Indoor, Water, Waterbody-Pool)

StayAt Sauna
This is the cheap and far-away hotel for my office visits in Sweden. But it is comfortable and the staff is friendly. I like it, now even more when I realised there's a sauna.
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October 2017, StayAt Kista, Stockholm, Sweden
Sauna (Normal)

Memory of a Sauna
Visited the Memory Hotel sauna. Free, but needs to be reserved. Sauna reservations are not my thing. But not a bad sauna at all! There's also a pool.
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October 2017, Memory Hotel, Kista, Sweden
Sauna (Normal); Swimming (Indoor, Water, Waterbody-Pool)

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